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Hello CalúJulers!

We hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe during this third wave. We’d like to help you all pass the time and beat the boredom with some fun flamenco activities, so we are hosting some online events over the next couple of weeks.

Register for the events below.

Event 1:  Pandemic Palmas for Idle Hands

Join our palmas club! No previous experience necessary. Family members and housemates are welcome to attend with you, even if they aren’t already into flamenco. Learning to clap “and beats” is good for anyone’s musicianship.

In this 3-part series, the goal will be to work towards improving off-beat clapping skills. We’re also hoping that by sessions 2 and 3, attendees feel comfortable enough to “take the mic” (so to speak) and give contra clapping a try on their own, either with a metronome or with their buddy. Rest assured, we’ll be cheering you on and giving you pointers.

Dates, time, cost:
April 27, May 2, and May 4. All 3 sessions will run from 8-8:45pm. FREE!

Event 2: Braceo with Angela Deiseach

As part of our Karma Fridays series, we have invited flamenco dancer, Angela Deiseach, to lead an arm-work class. Angela’s arm-work is distinctly beautiful, with well-defined lines that create a quintessential flamenco “look.” As an instructor, Angela has an astute way of breaking down placement of the arms. In this class, Angela will break down flamenco hand and arm movements to help develop fluid movement. It will be suitable for all levels and abilities. Have a towel or TheraBand available to use for specific exercises. Attendees are welcome to adapt the arm exercises to being seated, if they so choose.

In keeping with the Karma Fridays ethos, this event will be pay-what-you-can. If you’re not able to join classes regularly, please take the opportunity to attend this exclusive event. If you’re in a position where you can enjoy at-home classes, paid live steam concerts, and the like, please know that payments will go to our gracious guest instructor.

Pay-what-you-can here.

Date, time, cost: April 30th, 7:30-8:30pm, pay-what-you-can

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Pandemic Palmas

    Braceo with Angela Deiseach