New year update

In person classes will resume in February. Thursday nights at Emmanuel Church, Uptown Waterloo; Saturday days at KW Musical Productions

  • Intermediate dance: Wednesdays, 6:45pm, resumes Jan 12
  • Flamenco Rhythm & Song, 101: Saturday, 12pm, start Jan 15
  • Beginner dance technique: Saturday, 1pm, starts Jan 15

Covid protocol: Attendance requires enhanced vaccine certificate, a well-fitted mask, and screening. We will be ventilating the space, sanitizing high-touch areas, and capping class sizes to maintain physical distancing. Stay tuned for more info! On a tight budget? We know what it’s like! Hence, we aim to make the arts accessible. If the prices in our shop are not accessible to you, please feel free to ask, via email, about modified rates.

Click any class below for more information.

Wednesdays online classes, 6:45-8:00pm:

This online class is ideal for the flamenco dancer who already has some experience and wants to pick up more material for bulerias. We will be learning short combinations to assorted letras and estribillos,  then working on how we might mix and match steps and make different choreographic and improvisational choices along the way. A good class for anyone wanting to prepare for fin de fiesta opportunities and juergas.

  • Jan 12th, 19th, and 26th.
  • $55.50 for the three classes.
  • Drop-in class: $22.50
  • Jan 15th, 22nd, and 29th.
  • $51 for 3x one class.
  • $93 for 3x both classes.
  • $22.50 drop-in.

Saturdays, 12:00 – 12:50pm Flamenco Rhythm & Song, 101

In this class, we’ll be introducing you to the basic melodies of different bulerias letras (verses), and breaking down how you can clap the rhythm. This is a great class for dancers who are already learning bulerias steps and want further understanding of how the dancing works with the singing. It’s also ideal for singers who already have some experience but want clarity on different kinds of letras, as well as for guitarists, cajon-players, and instrumentalists who want to follow along, and for anyone interested in improving their clapping. Proficiency in Spanish is not necessary, as we will be focusing mainly on the melodic lines, but lyrics will be provided for those who wish to attempt singing the lyrics. If you are shy, worry not, you will not be asked to “take the mic” and can comfortably just do the class with your mic off.

Minimum 3 registrants required to run the class.

Saturdays, 1:00 – 1:50pm Absolute beginner dance technique

This class is intended for those with no previous flamenco dance experience. You will learn the basics of flamenco arm movements, hand movements, the different footwork strokes, proper alignment for achieving a flamenco ‘look,’ how to carry and move the torso, and short combinations to music to help put it all together. All classes start with a full-body warm-up. Wear something comfortable and keep in mind that you will be stomping, so make sure you have a place/floor where you can do so. If you don’t have flamenco shoes, a pair of shoes with a short and sturdy heel, thick sole, and support across the top of the foot (like cowboy or dessert boots) should suffice as you kick-start your flamenco journey!

Minimum 3 registrants needed to run the class

Lessons are currently held over Zoom. Please email us for availability and/or details.

  • 1 hour – $55
  • Half-Hour – $30

For when classes are in-person:

  • The above pricing assumes that the student comes to us,to one of our locations in KW or Scarborough. For outbound classes, travel expenses and studio rental fee will also be added, where applicable. For outbound private lessons, the overall set-up of the space (flooring, spacing, acoustics, etc.) must be approved in advance by CalúJules.
  • To try and make the arts accessible, we offer modified rates to those who could not afford classes otherwise, i.e., self-funded and independent post-secondary students; families with a modest income; fellow full-time arts workers; persons on disability or seniors with a low, fixed income. If you think you meet these criteria, feel free to reach out!

Claudia is a great teacher who is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She is patient with beginners and guides you through each step. The Buleria 101 ( for Fin De Fiesta) online classes are a must do for novice flamenco dancers. After each class I received audio/video and pdf support material. The goal of this class is to get you dancing at flamenco parties. I am not as intimated by this palo since starting the class.Thanks, Claudia. Ole

If you’re looking for a real flamenco experience, you don’t have to go any further than Claudia and Julian. Their studio is intimate and Claudia and Julian are very warm and inviting. The lessons are fun and invigorating while you learn the flamenco way. Julian’s incredible guitar playing is the perfect accompaniment and Claudia’s knowledge of flamenco is authentic and she will be your biggest cheerleader.
I am so blessed to be able to continue my flamenco journey with the help of this wonderful couple and I’m certain you will too.

Julian is patience personified. My spirited 6 year old daughter is just starting and he caters his lessons to her attention span and interests, without losing sight of the goal, namely getting her interested in learning to play guitar. Introducing the rudiments of technique is complemented quickly with some sing-a-long melodies; which 6 year old wouldn’t find delight in her strumming cords and singing “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?” Julian’s combination of melodies with technique is testament to knowing his student’s development stage. Highly recommended.

A maestro of the flamenco music, Julian has refined the techniques of my 10 year old daughter, who already had 4 years of classical guitar lessons. As she put it: “I learned more in a few lessons, than I had learned before.”
While introducing flamenco techniques, he has allowed my daughter to contribute songs of her interest, which makes for great student-master relationship.

A new challenge for me at 66 years old is to learn to play the guitar. In a few short months Julian has taught me theory, form and technique, to the point where I’m now ready to begin learning my first full piece. All this with on-line lessons. Julian is patient and encouraging. He adjusts his lessons exactly to my abilities and then gently pushes me to stretch those abilities. If you want to learn to play classical, flamenco or jazz guitar, you won’t find a better teacher than Julian.

Class locations:

We teach group flamenco dance classes at these locations:

  • Online (via Skype / Zoom).
  • KW Musical Productions, 14 Shaftsbury Dr, Kitchener

In addition to group classes, we teach private and semi-private classes at the following locations, scheduled by appointment:

  • Online (via Skype / Zoom).
  • Waterloo, Ontario, near Weber St. North and Albert St.
  • Scarborough, Ontario, near Warden Ave. & the 401


Payments must be made in advance, either by Interac E-Transfer or credit card.

For private and semi-private lessons, your class time will be confirmed when we have received your payment.

Be sure to include the order number.

Group classes and passes are not refundable.

If you cannot make it to a private lesson, you must notify us at least 36 hours in advance, or you forfeit the cost of the class. A rescheduled private lesson must fall within a two week period of the original class time.

Semi-private scheduling policy: If you would like to take classes with a friend, both parties must agree to the same dates and times. Rescheduling is possible with the above policies applied. If one person decides not to attend class, they forfeit the class.

Class Decorum

Please refrain from taking audio and video recordings or photos during class without checking with the instructor and fellow participants. Recordings taken during class and on class premises are for the purpose of the student’s personal study and are not to be shared unless approved by CaluJules.