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This level sponsorship is for individuals willing to sponsor the Fest between $50-$249. You’ll receive 1 comp ticket to our Main Concert on July 21st, and if you run your own business or are a fellow freelancer with a social media platform, we’ll give you a shout out on socials!

The easiest way to become a sponsor is to send an e-transfer to treasurer@grandriverflamencofest.ca with a note in the memo section indicating that you’d like to become a Fest Amigo, along with your name and preferred email address. We’ll reserve you a ticket and send it to you by email. Note that in order to secure you a ticket, sponsorships must be made by July 19th, 2024.

If you’re an individual or run a corporation and would like to sponsor the Fest more than the amount outlined above, we also have Aficionado, Maestro, and Patron level sponsorship tiers with additional perks. Email hello@flamfest.ca for information.

We thank you for your interest in supporting the Fest.

Is it the Grand River Flamenco Fest, KW Flamenco, or Flam Fest? What’s in a name? Check out our short blog on, “What’s the deal with their name?” 

Is it the Grand River Flamenco Fest, KW Flamenco Fest, or Flam Fest? Clearly, we’ve had some issues with branding. If you ask our Fest founders, our event name is “Little Grand River Flamenco Fest;” but, at present, our organization’s name is still Grand River Flamenco Fest. Why the discrepancy?

We founded the Fest in 2018 as the “Little KW Flamenco Fest,” in large part (no oxymoron intended) because we wanted to pay tribute to the fact that a) we were trying to build up a tiny, little flamenco community, and b) because we were hosting our concert the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre (KWLT).

The temporary rebranding started a couple of years later, when due in part to Covid, but also in part to growing in scale, we started hosting our events outside of the KWLT, and so dropped the word “little.” Also, someone (and may I point out, someone very tall) asked if calling it the “Little” KW Flamenco Fest was supposed to be making light of the fact that I (Claudia) and some of my featured dance colleagues, are short. This was certainly not the case and I regret having let the thought sway me, as I love the name and no other Fest name has has quite the same ring to it.

Also, our Fest started off as an independent, self-funded, and low-budget project led by two independent artists – a husband-wife duo. Ironically, in order to qualify for certain supports, such as grants and promotional opportunities, we needed to incorporate the Fest as a non-profit, and so we did. This led to having a Board of Directors to whom we were accountable, to joint decision-making with them, to a new marketing schema, an emphasis on growth, and a rebranding of our name. Hence, the name “Grand River Flamenco Fest” was born. In an attempt to keep the branding fun, we often referred to the Flamenco Fest as the “flam fest” for short, and even used flamfest.ca for some time, until the domain name caused us issues that couldn’t be rendered under the current website provider.

And so now here we are, in 2024, with a hodgepodge of names and an attempt to try to get our original name, and original sentiment back. In the end, so long as you find out about our Fest, that’s what matters most. But, keep in mind that we are modest in size (there are many more international flamenco festivals out there with a lot more programming and prestige) and remains modest about our abilities as flamencos (there are masters of the artform who have reached the highest flamenco heights whom we admire). Thus, in spirit, we remain and always shall be your, “Little KW Flamenco Fest.” Although, for brevity, on social media, we’re simply @kwflamencofest… As if we hadn’t confused you enough!