Flamenco For Health with Hugh Smiley

These workshops are part of the Little KW Flamenco Fest. Read more here.

  • 0:00 – What to expect at these workshops
  • 1:50 – What is this Flamenco ‘shouting’ all about?
  • 3:32 – Emotions in Flamenco
  • 5:13 – Hugh’s background as a psychotherapist

Art- and music-therapy have been proven to be powerful approaches to health and healing. FLAMENCO is a unique and exquisite art-form providing a passionate and joyful vehicle for physical resiliency, strength, balance and flexibility, as well as emotional expression, creativity and mental sharpness.

The Aug. 1st ‘Flamenco for Health’ workshops at the KW FlamFest will introduce you to basic sounds and movements from this art-form in an easy and fun way, while providing you with tools for a sound, healthy and passionate YOU!

Flamenco for Health 1: Authentic Voice through Flamenco Singing
Flamenco for Health 2: Authentic Movement through Flamenco Dance

Hugh Smiley BA, ARCT, Certified Hakomi Therapist
An experienced psychotherapist and passionate student of flamenco singing and dance. Hugh is a bodyworker and created the Korason Method for Authentic Voice and the New AndaLuz Centre for Authentic Dialogue. He has taught these workshops offered at the Festival in Canada, the US, Central America and throughout Spain. www.hughsmiley.com